Corporate Social Responsibility | REAL Care Foundation

As a part of a sector that is often frowned upon by environmentalists, Real Parivar is contributing to society through some of our initiatives.

We have taken a significant step through the establishment of a trust ‘REAL CARE FOUNDATION’, in which issues like Education, Medical Care, Environment, Sanitation, Women Empowerment, Social Upliftment of Backward Sections of the Society, and provision of Clean Drinking Water are a priority. Such initiatives give us a psychological pride in working towards the vision of the State and Central government. Some of the contributions are:

Real Skill Academy:

Real Skill Academy is the newly established vocational training center with an aim to provide free training to around 500 people annually of about 12 villages and help them in job placement thereafter.

Vrindavan Auditorium and Library:

A high capacity seminar hall equipped with state of the art audiovisual equipment and facilities is leveraged daily to various social organizations almost free of cost and is considered an absolute gift to the society. A library in the heart of the city is an additional contribution to our concern for education.

Scholarship Program:

Every year poor students from more than 10 villages who are wanting to get a quality education are given scholarships by the company. Additionally, notebook bags and stationery materials are provided to more than 200-250 schools in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh for supporting the educational needs of thousands of students.

Environment & Safety:

Every year thousands of plants are being planted and maintained to ensure a better environment for the citizens. Along with it the company also runs social campaigns to educate citizens about environment pollution conservation and road safety. With the help of Raipur Police, awareness of traffic rules are promoted along with providing free helmets for bikers.

Primary and Middle School:

A government school in Kara village was renovated and turned into a model school with all the modern amenities and facilities like classrooms, library, badminton court, waterproofing, etc for all the students from the nearby villages.

Chitvan Old Age Home:

With the establishment of an old age home, we are taking significant steps towards filling the void of such homes. It gives us true satisfaction in providing our senior citizens with all the prerequisites of a basic lifestyle with proper medical and social care. Books, gardening, family dinners and a unified atmosphere coupled with regular park visits and occasional outings to movie theatres, etc. makes them feel one with society once again.

Medical Care:

To cater to the medical needs of underprivileged people, every year the company sponsors the critical medical care where major operations are required. For providing quick medical care, ambulance service is also being run for various villages. Recently, a mega medical camp was organized where thousands of beneficiaries went through a medical checkup free of cost.

Infrastructure & Social Upliftment:

We are dedicated to the development of nearby villages by contributing and assisting in the construction and maintenance of schools, parks, hospitals, temples, Mukti Dham, community halls, etc. We are also working towards their beautification through plantation and ‘total sanitation’ in these areas which is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’. We have also contributed and helped towards the transformation of these villages into Nirmal Gram. We have shown significant interest in the growth and development of kids in these areas by conducting various computer-training programs and organizing various competitions in schools that contribute towards their overall personality development. The development of proper approach towards local lakes is some other examples of work that we have been doing.

We know that this is just the start and the road is long, but we believe that changing the perception towards CSR is the need of the hour.